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The podcasts just keep coming!

I've been loving working on my two new podcasts (both Jericho Comedy productions) - the Jericho Comedy Podcast and The Dinner Party! I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have had really insightful, fun and funny conversations with people I hugely admire, and two such conversations are available for you to hear now!

Firstly, the most recent episode of The Dinner Party is out today, and features the ridiculously multi-talented Philippa Carson of hit sketch group Just These, Please!

I loved this conversation, hearing about the people that have inspired Philippa most, and having a really good conversation about sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, improv comedy...a lot of comedy chat, in general.

And speaking of comedy, I also had the chance to sit down with the brilliant Fiona Ridgewell to chat on the Jericho Comedy Podcast! Fiona is one of Jericho Comedy's brilliant resident MCs, and she was nominated for best debut at the Leicester Comedy Festival this year. She's ace!

Check out their respective websites to enjoy not only these episodes, but all the episodes we've recorded so far! &

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