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Oxford University Press have published my adaptation of A Christmas Carol, for use in schools.  The script has been specially reworked with schools in mind, and is suitable for performance or for study in the classroom.

I have also written a number of supplementary educational materials for students learning English as a foreign language for Oxford University Press.

Having delivered many theatre and literacy workshops for students ranging from pre-primary to A-level, I can write fun stories and activities for native speakers or foreign language students.

Writing: Services
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I wrote the Ladybird Audio Adventures series for Ladybird/Penguin Random House - a narrative non-fiction audio series that introduced young learners to some fascinating facts about the world around them!  The series won the prestigious Futurebook of the Year award 2019.

I've also written extensively for children: writing performances and stories both for children to perform and for audiences of children.

I've written for Storycake TV, and have performed stand-up comedy for Comedy Club 4 Kids.

You can check out a sample of one of my scripts for children below.  It was originally written for a performance by 6-8 year olds.  Here, I've taken Shakespeare's Macbeth and made it fun and funny for kids!

Macbeth (for kids)



I've always had a passion for writing for live performance. 


I have a number of scripts, ranging from family-friendly shows to adult comedies, which I would be delighted to share with you!

My theatre writing credits include the Comedy Hijack project for Big Telly Theatre Company, The Grate Cheese Extravaganza for Stuffed Suitcase, and A Christmas Carol for Creation Theatre Company.

You can read an extract of one of my scripts, The Great Disappointment, on the Oxford Playhouse website.

Below, you can read a few extracts from some of my plays!


A(nother) Night in November is a comedy taking place on November 18th, 2009, when French striker Thierry Henry infamously handled the ball during the lead-up to a goal, which ultimately led to Ireland cruelly missing out on the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. 

In the play, a group of friends lie to their depressed friend by telling him Ireland did, in fact, qualify for the World Cup.  What ensues is an evening of dealing with the fallout from their lie...



Big Bad Wolf is a family show, telling the famous fairy tales from the point of view of the eponymous character.  Wolfie has one evening to convince a travel writer who he meets in the deep, dark woods that he didn't really do all of those awful things...can Wolfie shed the 'Big Bad' image?


In My Brother's Keeper, a priest working in a rural, idyllic parish in Ireland has his life turned upside down when his deviant brother unexpectedly lands on his doorstep.  He can't turn his brother away, but how much damage can this visit do in the peaceful community?!  

(My Brother's Keeper is a work in progress.)

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