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Back on stage!

Obviously during lockdown there's been no live comedy, but now we seem to be coming out the other side of it, and it has been such a treat to be back on stage, albeit in a slightly unusual way...

I've been working with Jericho Comedy in Oxford to put on some drive-in shows at the brilliant TOAD distillery in Oxford! It's been loads of fun seeing people sat in their cars watching the performers on stage and laughing from the comfort of their own vehicles.

And the shows themselves have been superb! I've been really lucky to share the stage with some genuinely amazing acts, all of whom were just delighted to be back on stage after four long months, doing what we love - making audiences laugh. I promise, I was much happier than the photo above would suggest!

For more information on Jericho Comedy's summer shows, check out - I'll be performing a lot more over the summer, and I can't wait!

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