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I do!

When I first made my website two years ago, I made a joke on my homepage about how many different areas I work in. With experience in publishing, radio, comedy, theatre, education and mental health, surely there's nothing else left for me to do?!

Well, as of now, I have yet another string to my bow! I am delighted to say that I am now a Humanist wedding celebrant, trained and accredited by Humanists UK!

I'm absolutely delighted with this new career path, and it is one that I have been keen to explore since my own Humanist wedding in 2019. In my new role, I will get to work with couples to write and deliver completely bespoke wedding ceremonies.

Humanist ceremonies are non-religious ceremonies, which unlike civil ceremonies and most religious services, are completely unique. No two ceremonies will be the same, as no two couples are the same.

This work will bring together so many of my favourite things - working with people, writing, public speaking, and being surrounded by love! It's genuinely a dream job for me, and I'm thrilled to be embarking upon it.

If you are interested in having a Humanist wedding ceremony or vow renewal, check out my celebrant website, or get in touch at

My gorgeous logos were designed by the infuriatingly talented Ray McEvoy of RMBL Creative. I cannot recommend him highly enough for any design work you need doing. I've worked with a lot of great designers over the years, and Ray is the best of the best!

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