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I have extensive experience delivering tailor-made workshops to groups all over the UK and Ireland.  I've worked with groups of all ages, interest and ability levels, and my workshops are always fun, full of humour, and informative. 

I've worked with native speakers of English, groups learning English as a foreign language, pre-primary children, groups with special educational needs, university students and even groups in retirement homes!  I'm confident I can pitch my workshops at just the right level for whoever I'm working with.

Whether you're looking to improve a group's literacy levels through drama, introduce them to a new text, improve their story writing or teach them a bit about public speaking, I can create a bespoke workshop plan specifically designed to fit with your requirements.

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What can I offer you?

Theatre and drama workshops

I can work with groups of all ages to deliver fun, confidence-boosting theatre and drama workshops based on classic literature, famous plays, or anything else!  Workshops are specifically devised for your group's needs, and can be a great tool to improve literacy and students' relationships with stories.

Comedy workshops

I can deliver workshops that look at introductions to joke structures, suitable topics for students to write about, and a few basic lessons in stagecraft.  Great for improving students' confidence in writing and public speaking!

Writing workshops

I can work with groups on writing characters and stories.  My workshops can serve as introductions to storytelling, self-editing, and crucially, having fun with writing!

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